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Nurturing your soul to complete hair, body, soul.

In today’s ever busy world where everything is at our finger tips and there is so much expectation to perform instantly, we get a little blown away and start losing touch with what life is really all about, and what is important to us, personally.

At Hot Locs hair Body + Soul, we run many events to bring us back to ourselves and really connect to what is important in our lives to bring us more balance and connection.

Some of the events we offer:

  • Essential oil classes

  • Meditation

  • Corporate/Staff wellness packages

We will also tailor-made packages for groups of friends and can provide venue hire in our gorgeous outdoor area.

If you are needing some personalised guidance, Demelza offers one-on-one mentoring sessions to really help clear some of the things that are holding you back in your life and to start crafting a future that you are in control of.  

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